Virtual Conference

Aleksey Kaabak

Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery , Russian Federation

Title: Clinical case: the traditional (open) and endoscopic methods of autovenous graft harvesting used simultaneously during coronary artery bypass grafting


The article presents a unique clinical case of using two methods of autovenous graft harvesting in one patient at once: the traditional open method on the right lower limb and the less invasive endoscopic method on the left lower limb when performing coronary artery bypass grafting. According to the available literature, the use of different methods for harvesting autovenous grafts in one patient has not yet been presented. The article describes the immediate results of the operation in the form of intraoperative angiography data and postoperative scars condition. The issues of the quality of conduits harvested by different methods, the position of endoscopic techniques in modern cardiac surgery are discussed.