Virtual Conference

Jianhua Fan

Kunshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Title: Comparison of Clinical Value between Right Distal Radial Artery Access and Right Radial Artery Access in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention


Backgroud: To compare the feasibility and safety between right distal radial artery access and right radial artery access in patients undergoing coronary angiography(CAG) or percutaneous coronary intervention(PCI).
Methods: On the basis of arterial access,113 patients who underwent CAG or PCI were divided into two groups of right distal radial artery group(52 cases) and right radial artery group(61 cases) in the Kunshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine between January and October 2018.We collected general information,number of puncture attempts,access times,postoperative compression time and complications.
Results:General characteristics, successful rate of radial artery puncture and catheter placement in two groups are no differences.Right radial artery group had some advantages in number of puncture attempts [?1.26±0.44? times vs?2.19±0.53) times,P?0.01] and access time[?3.23±0.86?min vs?4.77±1.49?min,P?0.01] compared to right distal radial artery group. But postoperative compression time in right distal radial artery group were shorter [?3.44±0.92?h vs?7.16±1.21?h,P?0.01].2 cases of bleeding,4 cases of hematoma and 1 case of artery occlusion in right radial artery group and 1 case of hematoma in right distal artery group were collected prior to discharge.Total complications in right distal radial artery group were lower than those in right radial artery group(1.93% vs 11.48%,P=0.048).
Conclusion: CAG or PCI through right distal radial artery is feasible and safe.