Virtual Conference

José Leandro Pérez Guerrero

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin University Hospital, Cuba

Title: Characterization of cardiovascular rehabilitation in patients with mechanical valve prostheses


Introduction: Cardiovascular rehabilitation in patients with valve prosthesis is essential to increase their survival and optimally incorporate them into society.
Objective: Characterize cardiovascular rehabilitation in patients with mechanical valve prosthesis.
Methods: A descriptive observational study of a case series was carried out at the Lenin Hospital from March 25, 2019 to November 25, 2022. The universe was made up of patients treated in the cardiology service with mechanical valve prosthesis, while the sample was made up of 70 patients admitted to the cardiovascular rehabilitation program.
Results: There was a predominance of patients between 55 and 64 years of age (38.58%), with a prosthesis in the mitral position, without complications. It was also observed in the rehabilitated patients a reduction in the mean hypercholesterolemia (from 250 mg/dl to 175 mg/dl) and an increase in functional capacity in duration of exercise and METS achieved. The mean left ventricular function after rehabilitation therapy increased from 52.4% to 58.2%. Only 2 patients required re-hospitalization and the addition of more drugs to their baseline treatment. It should be noted that 50 patients returned to their work activities. The satisfactory result prevailed in 68 patients. 
Conclusions: This therapy is classified as satisfactory by increasing the functional capacity of the patients due to an increase in the duration of the exercise and the consumption of METS, complications were not common. Coronary risk factors were controlled, re-hospitalization was reduced and return to work increased.