Virtual Conference

Katarzyna Lomper

Wroclaw Medical University , Poland

Title: Geriatric conditions and adherence in hypertensive patients


Hypertension (HT) is the leading cause of premature death worldwide. Less than 20% of patients diagnosed with HT have the disease under control. A successful antihypertensive treatment depends on the adherence, but the phenomenon of non-adherence is common in a group of patients with HT. Among the reasons for non-adherence are changes associated with old age, including frailty syndrome (FS) and cognitive impairment. This work deals with the prevalence of geriatric conditions in HT patients and their impact on adherence. The study used medical record analysis and standardized survey instruments: the Tilburg Frailty Indicator (TFI) questionnaire, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) questionnaire and the The Hill-Bone Compliance to High Blood Pressure Therapy Scale. The study included 99 patients diagnosed with hypertension (mean age 69,1 years old). The research shows that FS (92,93%) and cognitive disorders (79,80%) are common in HT patients. The average score (SD) of the Hill-Bone Scale was 22,38 (8,98). Linear regression models showed that significant (p?0.05) predictors of the Hill-Bone score were variables such as: living in a small city (p=028), staying in a relationship (p=0,002) and duration of illness (p=0,015). A multivariate linear regression model showed that significant (p?0.05) independent predictors of Hill-Bone score were: staying in
a relationship (p=0,003), duration of illness (p=0,035), 3-5 hospitalizations in the past year (p=0,023) and classification of HT as high normal blood pressure (p=0,015). 


Katarzyna Lomper is an assistant professor at the Wroclaw Medical University. She is the author of numerous papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, particularly focusing on issues related to cardiovascular disease.