Virtual Conference

Natalia Boschat

European Medical Centre, Russian Federation

Title: Changes in capillary blood flow recorded during OCT retinal angiography in patients before and after surgical treatment of carotid artery stenosis.


The aim of this study was to investigate the sensitivity of angiographic optical coherence tomography (a-OCT) in detecting retinal microcirculatory changes after revascularisation surgery for carotid artery stenosis in the immediate, mid and long-term postoperative period.  This study also aimed to identify methods to objectively record microcirculatory outcomes and complications of different types of surgical treatment for internal carotid artery stenosis. The study shows that in most cases there is a direct correlation between the restoration of blood flow through the internal carotid arteries and an increase in microcirculation in the retina of both eyes - both on the side of the operation and in the fellow eye. The study also shows that a noticeable increase in microcirculatory perfusion on the first day after surgery is followed by some decrease in microcirculatory parameters, but still noticeable at 3,6,12,24 and even 36 months, indicating the long-term effectiveness of surgery in restoring blood flow in internal carotid artery stenosis. There was no significant difference in the results of retinal and optic nerve perfusion after stenting, prosthesis or endarterectomy. However, this study also recommends further research into the reliability of OCT angiography in assessing the effectiveness of reconstructive surgery on the carotid arteries, as the results of the study are highly dependent on the condition of the optical media of the eye and the experience of the specialist performing the study.


Natalia Bosсhat holds a Master of Medicine degree from the Ural State Medical University and a postgraduate diploma in clinical research from MIPT. She has more than 25 years of medical and research experience, more than 20 publications, more than 30 conferences, 2 patents. She is a member of a number of organisations, including the Russian Ophthalmological Society, the European Glaucoma Society and the European Ophthalmopaediatric Society.