Virtual Conference

Sergey Potashev

Shock Wave And Rehabilitation Therapy Center, Ukraine

Title: Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of B-Mode Speckle Tracking during Dobutamine Stress-Echocardiography in CAD for Primary Diagnosis and Viability and Coronary Reserve Evaluation


This work deals with Speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) provides valuable information about global and regional myocardial function. STE during dobutamine stress-echocardiography (DSE) allows more reliable ischemia diagnosis. Aim of the study was to evaluate STE feasibility as DSE visualization method and its accuracy compared to coronary angiography (CAG) in the patients with moderate-to-high coronary arteries disease (CAD) risk. Sensitivity and specificity of DSE with STE for primary CAD diagnosis according to “golden standard” CAG results were 98.3% and 91.7%, respectively, with very high method overall accuracy (AUC = 0.98) and OR = 627.0 (p<0.0001) and low extremely low complications incidence. DSE with STE as a visualization method is a safe and optimal method for ischemia diagnosis and myocardial viability and coronary reserve evaluation in the pts with CAD suspicion and is a method of choice for defining revascularization necessity. Given the lower ?GLS and ?WMSI accuracy compared to integral DSE with STE result evaluation, authors recommend evaluating integral test result rather than strain value.


Sergey Potashev completed his MD in Zaporozhye State Medical University and P.L. Shupik Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (KMAPE), Ukraine, and Ph.D in P.L. Shupik NMAPE, Kiev, Ukraine. 2005 – 2017 - Assist. Prof. and mentor for Cardiology Dpt. of P.L. Shupik NMAPE, Kiev, Ukraine. 2018 – 2022 – Senior Researcher for M.M. Amosov NICVS, Kiev Ukraine. He has over 200 publications, including several book chapters and 2 monographs in echocardiography, grader for Adult TTE certification of EACVI, and is an expert in cardiac ultrasound imaging TTE, TEE, speckle traching, stress EchoCG.