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Ibn Sina hospital, Morocco

Title: Double the Trouble: One Infarction After Another: A Case Report of two Consecutive ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarctions in two Different Coronary Arteries


In multi-vessel coronary artery disease, concomitant ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) in simultaneous two culprit lesions have rarely been reported. In this regard, the recurrence in a short period of time of a STEMI in a different coronary artery is also rare.We describe the case of a 56year old male smoker, who was presented with an anterior STEMI. The coronary angiography demonstrated a significant lesion in the left main coronary (LMC) and an occlusion of the left anterior descending artery (LAD), and was referred for surgery. Four days later, he experienced symptoms of acute ischemia of the inferior territory. A newly formed culprit lesion of the Figure 2: Coronary angiogram on admission in RAO view showing a stenosis of the MLC and a calcified obstruction of the LVA Circumflex artery (Cx) was detected and benefited from angioplasty. The patient expired the next day from sudden arrythmia.This case report shows two consecutive STEMI situations in separate coronary arteries, which commonly can occur in atherosclerotic patients with very poor prognosis.


Zineb AGOUMY is a graduate of the faculty of Medicine of Rabat, Morocco. She follows a residency program in cardiology in IBN SINA hospital in Rabat, and is mainly interested in interventional cardiology. Throughout her years as a trainee, she made many contributions in her department with many shifts and responsibilities in managing patients. Zineb developed an early interest in humanitarian work in her country after witnessing the injustice concerning access to healthcare in marginalized communities in rural areas and in the poor. One of her many qualities is her dedication and patience with every patient case. She firmly believes that our empathy is the secret to reaching our humanity, thus saving lives. She hopes to sharpen her medical skills in order to further the field of cardiovascular critical care and maybe one day devote her life to improving patient outcomes in Morocco.